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Interchange Services


Canadian shipments involve hefty amounts of paperwork, the authority to cross into Canada, and sometimes specialty qualifications.  


Freight Brokers: Interchange service will make the truck booking process much simpler for you. By listing the delivery of the shipment to Washington instead of Canada, you will attract more carriers for your available loads. Which results in more competitive rates.










Interchange Process

The incoming carrier, after picking up the shipment, must submit all BOLs to us (via fax or email) for processing. We do this so that we can pre-clear customs before the carrier arrives, and improve efficiency in the interchange.  

One of Talhon's drivers will meet the carrier at a truck stop or our trucking yard. Talhon's driver will hook up the carrier's trailer to a Talhon power-only unit,  clear customs, deliver, and return trailer with singed PODs. For your convenience, we will make copies of the PODs and submit them to the desired email.  

Interchange Location Address:

1307 Boblett St, Blaine, WA 98230

Port of Entry: PAC HWY 813

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